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Sex Object

Much of my previous photography could easily be considered of the male gaze and focussing on women's sexuality as way to arouse the viewer.

 I want to create something that, while still staged, is more documentary in nature. I want to create something real and genuine around women's sexuality that isn't necessarily as a way to arouse. 

Masturbation is a healthy sexual practice that most people enjoy. It's incredibly intimate and personal to each of us. Many women use sex toys during masturbation and while things like Ann Summers are hugely successful and highly visible on the high street, I think there still remains some reticence to be open about our preferences and habits. 

 I'd like to undertake a photographic study of women and their toys (perhaps even the use of the word 'toy' somehow demeans the object). I'd like to photograph portraits of a number women that use sex toys and place them image alongside a separate 'portrait' of their sex toy. 

 The juxtaposition of the person, without any overt sexual nature to the image, alongside their toy might be more compelling than showing something graphic. My aim is to visit willing participants in their own home to take their portrait and their toy portrait. I want to shoot on medium format colour film. 

The final images will be hung with person and toy side by side. If you are interested in participating, or if you have any questions, contact me at iamthedeadeye@gmail.com.